1. Sign the petition, urging broadcasters, artists and hosts to refuse to participate‌‌

2. Attend a Boycott Eurovision event, including open meetings and protests

3. Use this link to tweet to let the organisers of Eurovision know that you won’t go to Eurovision hosted by Israel ‌‌

4. Join the global online protest by making your own posts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BoycottEurovision2019 ‌‌

5. Organise your own creative protest outside your local BBC studios, on your campus or on your high street, featuring our alternative Eurovision songs. Let us know what you’re planning so we can help promote it‌‌: londonpalestineaction@gmail.com

6. Ask your favourite local venue that might be screening Eurovision to host an Apartheid-Free Eurovision Party instead, using our template letter ‌‌

7. Host your own Apartheid-Free Eurovision Party at home with friends ‌‌

8. Learn more about the Palestinian call for the cultural boycott of Israel’s apartheid regime so you can make the case for boycotting Eurovision to colleagues, friends and family ‌‌

9. Record your own Eurovision parody cover song using our alternative lyrics and share it online with the hashtag #BoycottEurovision2019 ‌‌

10. Donate to a Palestinian charity or NGO, such as alQaws, a grassroots civil society organisation that builds LGBTQ communities and supports sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society