I made it through to Israel‌‌
I’m one of just a few‌‌
Ignoring Palestinians‌‌
And all that they go through

I dance to the beat‌‌
Of Bibi’s feet‌‌
Hand in hand‌‌
With Netanyahu‌‌
Guess I make him feel‌‌
Yeah I make him feel‌‌
Shiny and new

Like Apartheid
Cross BDS picket lines

Like Apartheid
When the bombs drop
I feel just fine

Gonna give you all my love, Bibi
Whilst Gaza’s fading fast
Could Brand Israel save him now?
He’s desperate to last
Apartheid’s fine
Out of the firing line
Hear my songs, just ignore the bombs
Refugees thrown out
Yeah, refugees thrown out
Bombed and scared and cold

Like Apartheid
Bombed for the hundredth time
Like Apartheid
When the drones bomb
I feel just fine

(Whoa, ah)

Picket line
I’ll just cross
I just pay no mind
Cause I don’t even feel
Yeah, I don’t even feel
No solidarity

Like Apartheid
Cross BDS picketlines
Like Apartheid
When Palestinians ask
I pay no mind

Like Apartheid (Like Apartheid, ooh ooh)
Like Apartheid (Like Apartheid)
Gaza’s kids locked up inside
And they told me
Don’t play Israel
If you love me
(Oh oh, ooh whoa)
(Oh oh oh whoa)
(Whoa oh ho, ho)
(Ooh baby)
Can’t you hear the movement call?
For the millionth time?