WHEN: 1 to 3pm, Saturday 30 March 2019

WHERE: 1 Golden Square, W1F 9DJ

On 30 March 1976 Israeli police shot and killed six Palestinian citizens of Israel as they were protesting the Israeli government's expropriation of of Palestinian land. Since then, 30 March has been known as Land Day.

On 30 March 2018 a massive wave of protests in Gaza known as the Great March of Return began, calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees and an end to the devastating siege on Gaza.

Now Palestinians are calling for a global day of action on 30 March 2019 in support of the Great March of Return (watch the call-to-action video here:

Last month we sent Mel Giedroyc (of Mel and Sue and formerly the Great British Bake Off) an open letter asking that she heed the Palestinian call to boycott and refuse to help culturewash Israeli apartheid by cancelling her participation in Eurovision 2019. But, she went ahead with co-hosting Eurovision: You Decide, the show that selected the UK contestant.

There's still a chance for Mel to make a stand, on the right side of history, in support of a struggle for justice and liberation... We're now calling on Mel to withdraw from her role in the Eurovision final, announcing the results of the UK's televote live from London. Please help us #TellMel to #BoycottEurovision2019!

We're big fans, or at least some of LPA, are big fans of Mel's Saturday show on Magic FM, and the cheesy catchy pop hits she spins! We'll be gathering outside Magic FM studios during the show. And like Magic, we'll be playing MORE OF THE SONGS YOU LOVE, but with a twist... pop anthems rewritten as Palestine solidarity protest songs, because there's no Magic in apartheid!

Literally all singing abilities (and none) very welcome, and in case you fancied having a wee practice in advance, we've put up some lyrics here:

For more information on the campaign in general see


* It is a core part of LPA’s work to challenge oppression both within our group and in the wider movement, both in what people say and in the ways people act. We all have the responsibility to call out and oppose oppression in all its forms e.g. Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, ableism, paternalistic and colonial attitudes towards Palestinians and other forms of racism including Zionism.

We also reject attempts to mystify Israeli settler-colonialism by linking it to shadowy banking cabals and secret global societies. The use of racist dog-whistles, such as explaining the success of a settler-colonial project by reference to 'Rothschilds' and 'Soros', rather than the interconnected interests of Western capital and the military-industrial complex, does nothing to further our movement and obscures the reality of the colonisation of Palestine.

You can find out more about the LPA principles in our statement here: ask people who want to get involved to read and agree to this statement of our principles. We strive to hold ourselves to account to uphold our principles. Anyone who violates our principles may be asked to leave.

* The event will be a drug and alcohol-free space