In a statement released today (April 11) to PinkNews, Alia Malak of PACBI said that Madonna had previously expressed her support for Palestinians. She referenced an Instagram post from 2014 in which Madonna said she “loves” Palestinians and said she wanted “peace and no wall.”
Malak said: “Thousands of artists now publicly support the call from Palestinian artists and cultural organisations for the cultural boycott of Israel. Madonna’s announcement that she will cross Palestinians’ long-established picket line comes at a time when fewer and fewer major international artists are willing to perform to an effectively segregated audience under apartheid.
“Israeli snipers continue to massacre Palestinians, including children, in besieged Gaza every week, and the far right Israeli government has proudly announced it intends to enforce permanent apartheid and occupation against millions of Palestinians for the foreseeable future.
“We hope Madonna stands on the right side of history by refusing to let her music and image be exploited by a regime that desperately craves the whitewash Eurovision is offering.”

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